Reverse Auction site Reverse Auction site

Reverse Auction site for ACS, One of the largest government IT Companies in the US.

ACS, the well known IT company needed the reverse auction engine that will allow ACS government and other customers to create reverse auction during the purchase of the IT equipment. The system was designed with the following futures:

Customers and administrative users are able to create reverse auctions to purchase the products or services of high value, with well-defined specifications. Both item bids and group bids are supported. System supports ability to invite specific vendors to participate. Electronic notification and web access allow participants preview the data and allow real time biding using thin client interface (Internet). If needed, the auto extension bidiing was incorporated in the system Reverse auction software also supports proxy bidding that is very important feature fro the vendors.

Technical specification:
Platform used Architecture Languages
Windows 2000, MS SQL 3-tier, COM-based Visual Basic, ASP