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What is that? Many magazines, newspapers and stock agencies are ready to view your online portfolio. If you start looking for On-line Photo Gallery Software you will find a lot of them even freeware and open source. Unfortunately most of them assume that you have a technical background and know how to deal with files, databases and directories on-line. With On-line Photo Gallery Software, we take care of that for you. All that you need to do is upload your photos using our Web interface.

Why it is unique? SARP Integro's Photo Gallery is created by photographers for photographers to meet your needs, including:

  • Configurable categories (add the same categories that magazines and stock agencies are looking for);
  • Random photo slideshow on your home page (every time users visit your gallery they can see different photos);
  • Auto thumbnail generation (generates thumbnails and scales images automatically, so all you have to do is upload the originals);
  • Grouping photos by series (each category might have a series of photos related to a particular subject);
  • Captions for each photo (that include the name of the photo, original size, time and place);
  • On-line administration (upload/delete photos, categories, copyright info, contact info);
  • Background color changes, configurable collage pictures (you can fit the gallery to the look and style of your existing Web-site);

  • You can suggest any additional services that you feel will you might need.

    Can I see an example? Yes, view an example of SARP Integro's Photo Gallery - (grouped by cities) or (grouped by categories).

    What's the next step? Creating your photo gallery is easy. We will do everything for you, including domain name registration, Web-site host provider selection, installing and configuring the photo gallery. Within a few days you will get fully functional photo gallery with all technical support that might be required in the future. At your request, we will update the photo gallery with new versions for free. Contact us for more information at

    How much does it cost? The one-time fee for the photo gallery is $50 + the domain name registration. The annual cost of domain hosting (about $50-$75) you will be responsible for paying directly to the Internet hosting provider.

    Note:The Photo Gallery is FREE for the registered Freelance-Market users except the payment for the domain name registration and hosting (you will pay it to your local hosting provider).

    Anything else? Yes, we can provide you with additional services (negotiable, for an extra fee), including graphic design changes to suit your needs, keyword generation, search engine optimization and gallery promotion on the Internet.

    Technical specification:
    Platform used Architecture Languages
    Unix, Windows Appahe PHP, DHTML, XML

    Development of the Web Services and integration modules Development of the Web Services
     and integration modules

    Development of the Web Services and integration modules for software vendor Volumesoft, California.

    The goal of this work was to create flexible e-business integration technology, which can unite existing, heterogeneous IT infrastructure. The technology links together new systems, existing deployments and external third party applications. The Business Integration Platform has been enhanced to provide a unique range of functions to simplify the process of integrating complex, distributed networks of internal and external business applications and make them available as Web Services. During the work on the system the following components have been developed:
       Graphical Design for XML Schemas of one type to another.
       Ability to exchange products data across multiple platforms
       Ability to exchange PO and Invoice information across multiple platforms
       Ability to access real time inventory across multiple platforms
    The development of the system is continues till today.

    Technical specification:
    Platform used Architecture Languages
    Unix, Windows 2000, MS SQL HP WEB Services, OAGIS BOD Java, Visual Basic

    Design and development of Food Service Marketplace Design and development
     of Food Service Marketplace

    Design and development of Food Service Marketplace for West cost food service distributor in Los Angeles, California.

    SARP integro was asked to build the food service marketplace that allow customers to gain access to real-time market intelligence, to improve business processes and dynamically adapt to changes in the value chain.

    SARP integro built technology for Volumefoods that is robust, flexible, scalable, secure and easily tailored to the diverse needs of its customer base. The platform designed incorporates buyer collaboration functionality, in which buyers are able to aggregate orders and generate additional purchasing power using dynamic price settlement methodology. Additional modules designed seamlessly incorporate demand forecasting, workflow management, reporting and account management.

    The system includes a set of user-friendly tools that enable companies to create a privately branded catalog system or to integrate existing catalogs seamlessly within the platform. The system access the data related to buyers and suppliers, their capabilities and offerings and is the first step in achieving efficient procurement. The platform properly manages user access to different types of information stored.

    Technical specification:
    Platform used Architecture Languages
    Windows 2000, MS SQL 3-tier, COM-based Visual Basic, ASP